Gaz pieprzowy Sharg Police RSG SuperGel 2mln SHU 80ml Stream (12063-SG)

  • Police RSG Super-Gel Stream 80ml formuła substancji paraliżującej w postaci silnie skoncentrowanego żelu, brak efektu chmury powrotnej. Działanie podobne do substancji drażniącej w formie piany, przywieranie uniemożliwia usuniecie środka obezwładniającego
  • Gaz pieprzowy Sharg Police RSG SuperGel 2mln SHU 80ml Stream (12063-SG)
  • Gaz pieprzowy Sharg Police RSG SuperGel 2mln SHU 80ml Stream (12063-SG)
  • Gaz pieprzowy Sharg Police RSG SuperGel 2mln SHU 80ml Stream (12063-SG)
  • Gaz pieprzowy Sharg Police RSG SuperGel 2mln SHU 80ml Stream (12063-SG)
  • Gaz pieprzowy Sharg Police RSG SuperGel 2mln SHU 80ml Stream (12063-SG)
Producent: Sharg
Kod produktu: 12063-SG
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Sharg Police RSG Super-Gel Stream 80 ml, manual pepper spray with super-gel formula. Made in Germany, non-flammable from the Police RSG series for professional uses. One of the most effective gases available on the market, a product equipped with police.

Super Gel - a new formula of a numbing substance in the form of a highly concentrated gel (no return cloud effect). Similar to an irritant in the form of a foam, adhesion of an irritant prevents the attacker from permanently removing the incapacitating agent.

It guarantees effective defense against an attacker / group of attackers, also under the influence of alcohol or psychoactive substances, defense of domestic trespass, intervention during mass events. A strong irritant, causes inflammatory reactions of the mucous membranes of the eyes, nose and throat, causes temporary vision impairment, burning of the skin, makes breathing difficult. It works in confined spaces where the use of Super Gel reduces the effect of irritation of the respiratory tract only to the attacker / attackers (eliminate the panic effect of third parties, e.g. during mass events).

Head - a professional head from Company KKS with a FLIP TOP flap and a drip. Made of polymer used in the production of weapon components, it guarantees excellent resistance to mechanical damage. The shape of the head facilitates quick use of the putter, protects against uncontrolled use (Flip-Top flap) and the effects of contact with tear substance during use (drips). The design of the head guarantees repeatability of the gas stream (range), facilitating effective, effective intervention or defense.

Nozzle - STREAM releases an irritant in the form of a highly concentrated stream. It is characterized by the least impact on weather conditions, the largest range and high efficiency by reaching the entire incapacitating mixture to the destination. If there are several strikers, you should aim at each striker separately.

Propellant - (propellant) inert, non-flammable. The use of a non-flammable substance protects the officer / user against liability for the effects of burns of the attacker during the defense (use of the pitcher against persons, e.g. smokers, during interventions).

Capacity - the selection of the appropriate capacity for a hand-held gas thrower is one of the most important decisions when buying. The size of the container is a guarantee of effective defense. If possible, always choose the largest possible capacity. 75 - 80 ml capacity used by professional users, uniformed services. Greater capacity and container diameter.

Important! Contains the irritant OC (oleoresin capsicum or alkalide capsaicin). It causes a strong allergy-like reaction: tearing, redness of the skin, as well as severe burning of mucous membranes. In case of contact with gas, rinse eyes and face with cold water. Do not rub. The symptoms will disappear after approx. 45 min.

Technical specification:
Product code: 12063-SG
Name: Sharg Police RSG SuperGel Stream 80 ml
Type of agent: Super Gel (super gel)
Gas type: Pepper
Nozzle type: Stream
Head type: Flip Top KKS (with flap and drip)
Scoville Heat Units: 2,000,000 SHU
Oleoresin Capsicum: 13.2% OC
Capacity: 80 ml
Propellant: Non-flammable
Dimensions: 130 mm x 40 mm
Effective range: 5-6 m
Warranty: on the bottom of the container
Country of origin: Germany
Manufacturer: Sharg, Poland

Transfer / use method:
1. Do not wear in hard to find places.
2. Protect the container against: mechanical damage (eg with keys), temperatures above 50 ° C (eg in a car) that can lead to unsealing.
3. Keep a safe distance during the defense.
4. Point the nozzle towards the attacker at chest or face level.
5. When spraying the numbing substance, keep away from the attacker, correct the direction of the gas stream.
6. The effective extent of the irritant depends, among others from atmospheric conditions (rain, opposite wind).
7. After use, it is recommended to buy a new container regardless of the amount of residual irritant.
8. The product contains information on how to provide pre-medical assistance.

Prepared by: Sharg®

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